Frequently Asked Questions

 How long is the program?

Our Acceleration Program is 6 months long. Our Catalyst Program is 4 months long. 

How do I know this will work in my market?

We have coached over 450 investors in markets all across the United States. Because of this we have been able to identify trends of what strategies perform best in different types of markets. In our programs, we also customize marketing plans that are specifically designed for the clients specific situation, including the type of market they are in. 

How much do I need to spend on marketing per month?

Marketing spend is totally relevant to the goal you are trying to accomplish that month. If your goal is 5 deals in a month, and you have a cost per acquisition of $2,500, that would mean you would need to spend $12,500 in order to close 5 deals.

How soon can I expect to see results?

This is different for everyone, and greatly depends on the speed and level of implementation on the client’s part. We have had clients get their first deal from our marketing strategies as fast as 2 days after implementing them. The faster the client implements, the faster they get results. We give clarity on the exact KPI’s required to get a contract with any marketing channel the client may be using. After this and learning how to implement the strategies properly, it is a matter of implementation. 
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